Historical & Archeological Monuments


Limassol is positioned between two of the most important historic city-kingdoms, Amathus to the east and Kourion to the west. The city has the largest coastal resort on the island and thus became the central port of Cyprus. Whether you desire a relaxing beach holiday, or a more sophisticated cultural visit, Limassol caters for all. Some of the attractions are listed below, Limassol has many hidden places worth to visit and Milano Taxi Cyprus can take you there!


Amathus Archeological

east of Limassol is one of the biggest ancient kingdoms of Cyprus, Amathus. It was an important city because of its port, which exported copper & timber. Amathus is built on the cliffs with amazing views of the sea and where historical artifacts of at least 3000 years are laid there.


Kolossi Castle

a fine example of military architecture originally constructed in the13th century and subsequently rebuilt in its present form in the middle of the 15th century. The solid construction proved able to protect the castle through the ages, from the many earthquakes that happened in the area and most importantly through the stormy historic events of Cyprus, it provided security.



the second important ancient kingdom in Limassol where excavations continue to reveal impressive new treasures. Noted particularly for its magnificent Greco – Roman Theatre, Kourion is also proud home to stately villas with exquisite mosaic floors and an early Christian Basilica among other treasures. The city is built on the tip of the mountain with a breathtaking view of the sea.


The Castle of Limassol

is located at the west end of the sea-front behind the old port, within the old town of Limassol. Originally, the castle stood on the seashore beside the river Garyllis; but the river altered its course in the 16th century and is now 100 yards further west. 
 Excavations within the Castle revealed a marble podium from an early Christian basilica and the floor of a Middle Byzantium monument dated from the 10th or 11th century. A great place to visit and walk through the old town where its medieval looking buildings take you to a different era.


Limassol Beaches

Ladies’ Mile beach, Governor’s beach, Kourion beach, Pissouri beach